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Hi, my name is Gabby & I’m looking for a human who will be mine forever. Everyone who meets me tells me that I’m beautiful (and boy are they right!) but my real beauty comes from within. I’m just a sweetheart in a big goofy body. I love meeting new people & dogs – my whole body wags in enthusiasm - so it would be great if you have another dog who can be my brother or sister and give me plenty of chances to meet new people who will love me and pet me like I deserve.

You may be wondering why I need a new home, well, I’ll tell you. I used to have a family, but somehow we got separated. No one is sure how but I ended up as a stray. Luckily for me I ended up in a foster home and that’s where I’ve been living for the last four months. Now my foster mom says I’m ready to find my forever home. My mom thinks I’m pretty special and wants me to find just the right person to go home with.

My perfect match is an active person who wants to be outside as much as I do. I’m eight months old and have a TON of energy! I love to take long walks, my mom & I usually go out for about 45 minutes twice a day. I’m especially fond of following my nose, so nice leisurely walks where I can sniff to my heart’s content are the best. Running is one of my favorite activities so please have a fenced in yard where I can play fetch and race!

Everyone has their quirks and I’m no exception. I’m very protective of my food, rawhides, and extra –special toys. Because of this I may not go home with any children although I’m very friendly to children I meet while out and about. My foster mom has been working with me on these issues and I’ve gotten better but my new owner will need to continue this work and also understand that these issues will require lifelong management. If you are a first time dog owner I’m probably not for you, but if you are experienced and willing to work with me I will shower you with love and affection and you can know you have truly given an amazing dog a second chance!

If you’ve think we were made for each other, here’s what you need to know… I’m spayed, up to date on my vaccinations, and even microchipped. I am super smart and already know how to sit, lay down, shake, and wait, plus I’m housetrained! My foster mom would love to talk to you and tell you all about me! Please be prepared to provide references and let my mom visit your home – she just wants to make sure that both of us are getting what we need to be healthy and happy. Also please be realistic about the right dog for you. I am a wonderful girl but I am a handful! My foster mom & I have taken a training class (wow that was fun!) and I will definitely need to go through another class with you. We should also see a behaviorist so you can learn the right tools to help me become the best dog I can be.

Are you hooked yet? Please email my mom if you want to learn more. She’d like to know a little about you too – tell us about your family, your schedule, any other pets you have, your dog experience, why you’d like to adopt me, and what training methods you would use to help me learn. I can’t wait to find my new family – I hope you’re it!

P.S. my mom is asking for a small adoption fee in the form of a donation to Dane County Humane Society, she can tell you more about it when you get in touch. You can email her at kkbshops at gmail dot com or 443-7188.


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