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mobile pet groomers

any recs for mobile pet groomers? any idea of prices and if they'd bill?
the roomie has a long-haired black lab who's shedding like crazy and desperately needs washed, dematted and clipped. my roommate keeps saying she'll take her to get it done, but hasn't done so yet and I can't afford to pay for it right now (and have no way to get her to a groomer, anyway). If someone could come out and then bill the roommate, that'd be ideal...

Invisible fence?

So, in planning to eventually hopefully sometime this fall get a dog, I'm looking into the various costs involved, and I'm very interested in getting an invisible fence. Does anyone out there have any experience with them?

What are the costs of the fence (relatively small yard), receivers, and installation? Do you have a company you recommend or that I should stay away from? How difficult are they to install without hiring a company to do it? Brands that are good/bad? Ease of training dogs, and potentially our two cats? Options I should ask about? Thanks all. I checked the archives, but didn't find anything.

Vet suggestions

I'm being lazy and not looking through the Madison LJ - I'm sure I will eventually but wanted to throw this out in the meantime.
I have two cats and they go to a vet on the far west side, an expensive vet that is so out of the way for me, that only sees cats. We're moving to the near east side (from downtown) and I wanted to find a vet that caters to cats and dogs (we'll be getting a puppy in August if everything goes as planned). Any suggestions on vets on the Near East/East side of Madison? (We're moving to the Milwaukee St/Olbrich area at the end of the month.) Also can you let me know why you like them and if you feel they are reasonably priced?

Hello everyone....

I have posted this on craigslist but I'm also posting here in hopes that some of you might be able to help...
I have the most amazing two guinea pigs. Unfortunately, I am unable to keep them and need to find a loving home for them asap. It's a long story that involves a severe miscommunication with my landlord (who told me it was totally fine that I had them... and now is selling the place so has changed his tune...).  It is truly upsetting and I am at a lose.... I had been thinking about finding them a home where they would get a lot more handling and such but I had expected to be able to take as long as I needed to to find the PERFECT place for them. Now... I am being backed into the corner and need some help finding them a forever home.

 I am not asking for a rehoming fee, just asking for someone to tell me why you would like these two amazing creatures to be part of your life... and to express a general interest (They will NOT be snake food!)

I have pictures upon request!

A couple of requirements:
- they MUST stay together
- You must have prior knowledge about guinea pigs and what they really need for care... (ie. space, bedding, food, vet care...)ORRR willing to learn.

please message me if you are interested or might know someone who is!

Thanks so MUCH!

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litter stuff

alright, all of you with your internet knowhow.  I'm trying to find the name/distributor of a certain product.  I really have no idea what the name of it is.  it's a buttery colored powder that you add to litter to make it clump better and absorb odor way better (seriously, this stuff is pretty awesome).  It's not sold in stores much (if at all) as far as I know.  My roommate had gone to a cat expo or something and they had product samples and that was one of them.  She bought a box of it to be delivered.  When you mix it in with your regular litter it has a product to litter ratio of either 1:1 or 1:2.  If anyone can find this product, I will be amazed :D

edit:  http://www.littermate.com/   <----that's the stuff!! it was awesome :D

meeting of the species

Looking for some tips on making a smoother transition for my cat meeting (and having to live with) a dog for the first time (basically... he's met one other dog and hid the entire time). My cat is about 2.5 and the dog I believe is 7 and luckily has mellowed out quite a bit from his younger years. I don't have much choice in the matter. My main plan right now is to have a spot for Aiko to go where he'll be left alone (I plan on putting a baby gate in the doorway of my room with enough space for him to get underneath). I think he'll come around eventually, when he figures out it's just a new friend for him, but wondering if anyone has any tips to make it a bit smoother (and hopefully quicker) transition.

kitties need a new home

Im at my last resort i have 2 wonderful cats that need a new home, i am unable to keep Jack and Gambit, they are full grown, adult males(nutred) but not declawded...jack only has one eye but no extra medical attention is needed....feel free to email me.. at nooksak at g m a i l dot c om


My two

Here's my two furbabies. They're both 11 years old and love to snuggle. Toby is the floofy one, Mouse is the grey and white kitty.

Cats are funny - apparently this recliner chair is not cushy enough. They must have a pillow as well.

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Kitten foster parents needed

Country Animal Haven needs some help with fostering kittens!

According to their site's news: "Kitten season is already upon us and we are receiving requests to take kittens, pregnant moms and nursing moms. We desperately need foster homes in order to help these cats and kittens survive and live to go to forever homes. The more foster homes we have the more animals we can help. We provide the food, litter and medical care, you provide the love and space. This can be a commitment for as little as a few weeks until they are spayed, neutered and ready for adoption, to several months until the kittens are old enough for adoption. If you are interested please call Mary at 212-8729 or Jean at 835-3170."

Meet my kitties

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I adopted Minnie from Country Animal Haven, because I'm a fan of the no-kill, no-declaw, cage free sanctuary idea. Minnie's been to a number of vets in her short life, before we figured out she has food allergies. Zeus was a temporary catsitting favor that turned permanent. Thanks to Minnie and some attention, Zeus learned how to play and act like a normal cat again. They're also both spoiled completely rotten. :P